2023 course schedule

All 10-day courses will take place at the Salgótarján site (not in Budapest!).

2023. May 24-June 4. (Wed - Sun)

  • Application period starting from 2023 March 5, Sunday 08:00am

2023. August 16-27. (Wed - Sun)

  • Application period starting from 2023 June 4, Sunday 08:00am

2023. August 30 - Sep 10. (Wed - Sun)

  • Application period starting from 2023 June 18, Sunday 08:00am

Sattipathana course - only for old students: 2023. Sept 13 - 22. 

  • Application period starting from 2023 July 2, Sunday 08:00am

3 day course - only for old students: 2023. Nov 8 - 12. 

  • Application period starting from 2023 Sept 17, Sunday 08:00am
  • New site: Szolnok, Tiszaliget

Applications for the Hungarian courses - click here


Course location

Be aware, that our courses are organised not in Budapest (the capital of Hungary), but on the countryside.

We use multiple locations, see the details on the Location menu.


Course program

The 10 day course 'flat' means a start on „day Zero” with on site registration, orientation talk and a light dinner. After taking their places in the meditation hall and some formalities students receive first meditation instructions the help of which they start working the next morning on Day 1. The course will be conducted by duly assigned Teacher(s). Meditation instructions will be heard in English by S. N. Goenka followed by the Hungarian version. New students not having English as mother tongue are requested to make sure they will understand the instructions in English as well as they will be able to consult the Teacher in English regarding the technique. Further they may need to have the positive answer from us on the availability of the evening discourses of Goenkaji in their native language. The course will be completed around 6:30 am on „Day 11”.

How to apply for a course

The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practise sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. No previous experience of meditation is required. After reviewing the Code of Discipline for Vipassana you may apply via the on-line registration form.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the person responsible for course registration:

Vipassana central mobilephone: +36 20 235 2742